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I don’t know about you…and please excuse the language…but I’m tired of all the make money online scams and utter BullS— cluttering the search engines!

So, if you’re also tired of all the BS, then pay close attention to what I’m about to reveal to you…

There’s a very, very BIG SECRET that the gurus selling pie-in-the-sky crap do not want you to ever learn about really making money online, and I’m going to share it with you FOR FREE—No strings attached. Learn The Truth About Making Money Online Right Here! Right Now!

Let’s talk about what it really takes to make money online, once you strip away all of the hype and BullS—.

If you’ve been marketing for a while then you already know what it takes to make money in the IM niche…it takes a big fancy sales page, a huge dose of absolutely outrageous claims of earnings, a couple convincing fake screen shots, lot’s of fake insider buddy testimonials, and a bunch of Joint Venture partners with big email lists. Unless you’re a newbie to the internet marketing niche, that’s no big surprise. I mean, isn’t that how the gurus do it?

What may come as a surprise though, is the BIG SECRET the gurus don’t want you to learn, and like I said, I’m going to share the BIG SECRET right here FOR FREE. And that SECRET is going to cut through all the Guru hype and BullS— so you can learn what’s really been keeping you from making money online. It’s going to help you sweep away all the mountainous piles of S— they keep scamming you with. You’re going to learn how to make money online by separating the Bull from the S—-.

Look, here’s a bit of hard cold truth for you to swallow. You may not like how it tastes, but you need to absorb and digest it so you can get a healthy grasp on internet marketing reality from it.

The Truth…there really isn’t any secret formulas, secret codes, secret loopholes or secret google glitches to exploit like the gurus keep trying to make you believe there is. There’s just plain old hard work involved, like there is in any real business.

The gurus don’t have any secret insider information that will have you making $114,221 (or any other outrageous earnings claim) a month from where you are right now… UNLESS… and that’s a really, really HUGE UNLESS…unless you are a member of their inner circle, with access to their massive mailing lists.

And you aren’t going to be admitted to that inner circle unless you also have a massive mailing list or are a personal close friend to one of them.

That is the only insider information they have that you don’t have… a circle of influential insider buddies with massive email lists.

If you’re tired of wasting hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on one BullS— guru  scheme after another, then what I’m about to show you is going to set you free from them forever.

You’re about to see what it really takes to make money online without buying anymore of the worthless crap they take turns jamming down your throat.

You’re going to learn the only truth they’ve ever actually been inadvertently and reluctantly willing to share with you…

The Money Truly Is In THEIR LISTS!

NOT In The Products They Are Selling!

The real way they are making their million$ is by selling their products to their lists, not from using the products they are selling as they would have you believe.

Now I’m only guessing here, but since you are reading this, you aren’t a member of that inner circle. I’m also guessing you don’t have a massive email list that you can send one hype-filled-BullS— email after another to, month in and month out. If you are, then you don’t need what I’m about to share with you. You’re already on the inside snickering at all the newbies you’ll be fleecing this year.

But for those of you on the outside looking in, here’s another serious piece of cold hard truth for you to swallow. Like it or not…Making money online is a lot harder than they keep telling you it is with all the BullS— they keep flinging at you. There’s no way around it, If you want to make money in any business, and that includes internet marketing, you have to do some work—or you have to pay someone else to do some work for you! It isn’t as simple as buy their magic push button system and Abra Cadabra, Presto Change-o, you’ll make millions overnight.

You aren’t even going to start making thousands of dollars a week in just a matter of minutes, hours, days or weeks no matter what their BullS— sales page says. You need to understand this, then learn what it really takes.

Many of these BS product offers say they are only releasing a limited number of copies so the market isn’t saturated. Look, if you’ve been around the making money niche for any period of time, you’ve seen enough guru product releases to know that these guys aren’t going to close their doors forever on these so-called secret money making methods after selling only 50 to 500 packages as they claim. There’s no way they could make the 6 and 7 figure incomes they generate from each new BS product launch if they only sold the small number of products they claim they’ll be releasing.

Seriously, tell me with a straight face that the guru who creates one of these scams is going to be happy making 50 to 500 sales, while having to pay their affiliate Joint venture partners 50% or more of it. Unless it’s a product with a huge price tag of a thousand dollars or more, it isn’t going to be shut down after 100, 200, 300, 500 or even 1000 sales as they claim. If it was, you wouldn’t see in tiny letters at the bottom of the page an affiliate link offering every affiliate under the sun (with a large enough email list to help reach that 6 or 7 figure payday) a piece of such a small pie.

Now there are other BS product releases that set real time limits on their offers, anywhere from 24 hours to 72 hours before they raise the price on these launches.  But don’t let that fool you, that product is still 99% likely to be nothing other than more guru BS designed to separate you from your cash. They will indeed still make a killing on selling that product  because they have a vast pool of JV insiders with huge mailing lists (often numbering in the hundreds of thousands of subscribers combined) that will help them achieve their $100,000 launches.

However, like I’ve already said, they aren’t making that $100,000 from the BS product they are launching, they are only making it from the launch to these massive JV lists.

Okay, I think you get the point. The scam artist gurus are in business to sell you internet marketing information. And it doesn’t matter to them if it’s new, untried, theoretical information or rehashed useless information. They are in business to sell information… period! Not once, not twice, but as often as they can.

Stop to think about it for a moment.

If they gave you everything you truly needed to know in their first, second, or even their third product, there would be no reason for you to buy another product from them… ever again. And on the off chance that you just may not, they load their new releases with up-sells, down-sells, and one time offers to every new piece of crap they launch, to squeeze every nickle out of you they can, while they can.  And if they are successful and you don’t ask for a refund, they plan on doing it over and over and over again, as long as you are on their list and foolish enough to keep buying… they’ll keep scamming.

If there’s one thing they are good at, it’s getting you to part with your money. Too bad they aren’t quite as good at helping you get some of it back with the crap they just sold you.

I’m fed up with all the deceit and scams. So, as I’ve said, I’m going to be giving you something for free in just a moment, that these clowns won’t give you in their $197 plus product launches.

Now Pay Attention!!!

You need to stop buying these pie in the sky, “secret money making, push button, systems they are peddling.  There are no secret loopholes. There aren’t any glitches to be exploited. If there are, they aren’t legal or ethical, and the FTC and Google will shortly make you pay dearly for being stupid enough to use them.

There’s only what legally and ethically works and what doesn’t work. You need to save your money for what works! Only invest in getting targeted traffic to your website, and invest in tools and software that automate repetitive, time consuming tasks that reduce your work load… Do Not Invest In ANYMORE ‘Systems’!  You can get all the ‘systems’ you’ll ever need for free.

The only thing you need to invest in, as I just said, is getting targeted traffic to your offer and software tools that reduce your time spent on mundane tasks!

The only system you need to know is this: you need to have a market to sell something to, a product or offer they want or need, a website to sell from, and targeted traffic to bring interested eyeballs to your offer. The only hard part in this simple system is driving targeted traffic. However, once you learn something else the gurus aren’t telling, (which is a topic for another discussion) getting targeted traffic is a lot easier than you might think.

So the only tools you need to invest in are tools that help you dig deep into market research, keyword research, competition analysis and content generation, not in BullS— secret systems and so-called loopholes or Google glitches that simply drain you of your hard earned cash.

Okay, It’s finally time to learn THE BIG SECRET the gurus don’t want you to know… 

Drum roll please…  

Re-read the red highlighted passages above once again

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