Article Marketing For Newbies

Article Marketing For Newbies

The three simplest and quickest ways to get traffic to your site in the beginning are article marketing, video marketing, and paid advertising. In this article I’ll be discussing Article Marketing specifically.

Most internet marketers get their feet wet by writing articles (also called bum marketing) because it doesn’t cost anything other than the time it takes to write your article and submit it to the article directories.

If you have enough money you can even outsource your article writing to ghost writers if you either hate writing, or don’t feel confident in your writing skills. Or better yet, you might just want to learn how easy it is to write your own articles and save your money and sanity.

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The benefits of article marketing are threefold, 1) you can gain immediate traffic from readers clicking the links in your articles once they are published, 2) you’ll be creating backlinks coming into your site from your articles, helping you to build your rank in the search engines, and 3) other webmasters may decide your article is worth posting on their sites if your articles are of high enough quality, getting you additional exposure and backlinks.

While article marketing helps build organic traffic to your site, which helps build long term income, it’s not going to bring huge sums of overnight traffic for most websites, nor will you likely get rich from it. However, it is still an important method for getting your website going in the beginning. So don’t hesitate to write a few quality articles with links back to your site and post them on a the best article directory for internet marketing:, and various web 2.0 properties such as,, your own Facebook fan page and finally, your own website.

No matter how good the content of your articles are, until your articles gain traction and show up in the search engines, the amount of traffic you’ll get from them will be small to non-existent in the beginning.

Always make certain to post your original articles on your own web site before submitting to the article directories or posting to any other web property. Additionally, the first web 2.0 property to post to after posting on your own website is, then wait until it has been approved before submitting to other sites. You don’t want the search engines to consider your own website as duplicate content, so posting there first makes certain that your site is given credit for the article origination.

Informative articles are the content that the search engines desire to see on your pages so they know what your site is about. Good content is really important if you want the search engines to send you traffic. However, even good content isn’t usually enough to get traffic from the search engines, I’ll discuss more on that subject in other articles.

You’ll hear many online marketers tell you that “content is king,” and it’s true, as I just indicated, websites need content in order for search engines to bother with them, but content isn’t really king, not even “quality content” as the marketing gurus tell you.

What the search engines really see as king is the right kind of Back Links to your site. Even more true now that Panda and Penguin have been unleashed. In the past Google has been known to rank empty pages simply on the strength of backlinks. However, empty pages won’t rank any longer, so make sure to have good quality content on your pages…and lot’s of it (and that is now the name of the game…LOTS of good content, as in authority site quantities of content).

You can have really crappy content and still get ranked highly in the search engines if you have enough quality incoming links to your pages, or if you are a top 500 website according to Alexa. On the other hand, without a sufficient number of quality backlinks to your site, your site will never see the light of day in the search engines, no matter how good your content is. And let’s be clear about something right now. The right type of links, are not links plastered all over the web using your keyword as the anchor text. Google now considers that to be spam and will likely de-index your site for having too many of that type of backlink. You’re much better off with social backlinks now.

It used to be that Ranking in the search engines was more or less a popularity contest. To become number one, you needed lots of votes from the contest judges. Back-links were considered by the search engines to be votes. The more votes you had the higher you’d rank, and the more traffic you’d get. Content Relevance is now far more important than the number of backlinks to your pages.

Your articles need to be extremely relevant to the search terms web surfers are using, more important now than ever. Of course your articles need to be well written if you want readers to click your links to learn more about your products or services.

The greatest benefit you’ll receive from your published articles is backlinks. Having readers click the links in your article is a plus, but the most important reason to publish articles is to get backlinks to your pages. Just make sure you don’t over optimize the backlinks using the exact same keyword in all your links. Use plenty of related keywords commonly called (LSI) Latent Semantic Indexed keywords, as well as generic click here links and even raw url links..

While Back-links, up until recently, were the single most important thing the search engines wanted to see besides content in order to rank your site highly, it’s now far more important to have content that other users are willing to share on the social sites like twitter and facebook. You’ll get far more traffic from Web2.0 properties now, than you will from Google.

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