How To Conduct Simple Market Research

In this article I’ll go over quick and easy steps to determine whether a product has a decent market value to go after not.

Market Research for making money online imageMarket research for affiliate products does not have to be expensive or time consuming. It can be done for free and fast, using nothing more than the Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

There are only two steps required to do simple market research to determine whether a product or niche is worth going after or not. Keep in mind, we aren’t trying to determine whether we can rank for a keyword or not in this step. So competition is immaterial at this point. Besides, if you’ve read any of the previous articles on making money with affiliate marketing, you’ve already discovered that ranking in Google for any keyword is a tough nut to crack since Google declared war on affiliates.

The first step in our research is to determine how much market value a niche or product has before we start investing time and energy into creating our site. To achiever our goal we’ll head over to the Keyword Planner and enter a broad product or niche keyword name such as “curling iron”, “curling irons”, or “dog training”, etc. In step two we’ll enter our keyword in the search box of the Google Trends site to determine if the product has a stable search history and whether the trend is rising or falling. This short video will show how simple this two step process is.

Once you’ve found a product and determined that it has a good enough market value to to pursue you can then move on to the keyword research phase.

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