How To Sell Online By Not Being A Jerk

How To Sell Online By Not Being A Jerk

I’m assuming you are interested in learning how to sell online, and you’d like to avoid some of  the mistakes that some marketers just simply don’t understand. This post is dedicated to one of the most important things you must consider if you wish to sell anything to anyone.

Customers are gold, don’t ever forget that. And a prospect is future gold if mined correctly.

They deserve to be treated with respect and to be provided with true value for the money they are going to send your way. This article is a long one, but I’m going to show you  exactly how not to treat your potential customers if you really want to keep them.

Not long ago, I got an email from an Internet Marketer that shocked the daylights out of me and I’m going to post his entire email here to show you How Not To Be Successful At Internet Marketing. In fact, as much as I’d like to, just as I withheld the marketers name in the previous email I shared, I’m not going to tarnish this fellow’s image by outing him (he can do that all by himself as you’ll learn if you ever get on his list).

The actual email is below my rather lengthy editorial comments, and is posted in green so there can be no mistaking it from my comments.

In addition to blanking out his name I’ll bleep out all of his vulgarity too, for the sake of those who might be as offended as I was when I read his email.

Before I share his mentally disturbed notion of value and customer service, let me paint a picture for you.

Imagine walking up to a store in your neighborhood, and posted on the door was a huge sign that read: “Stay Out Of My Store.” Nothing else, just a huge, rude sign telling you to stay out. Pretty inviting huh?

Imagine further, that you decided against your better judgment to go ahead and enter the store anyway out of a morbid sense of curiousity, only to be greeted by a foul mouthed sales clerk, who’s not in the least bit concerned how you view his vulgarity, in fact, he revels in it and seems delighted to drive you away.

Well, that’s exactly the tactic this idiot uses in his email marketing campaigns and pats himself on the back for his “integrity.” Perhaps, this sales method might work in the Bronx, but I doubt seriously any store owner wanting to sustain a long term business would be in business very long if he or she ran their business as this guy does.

In case you have a hard time reading the whole email, here’s the cliff notes:

His thesis is that “he has an active and responsive buyer list because he doesn’t give a (bleep) about their sensitivities and therefore, if they are offended by this foul mouth he’s better off without them because they wont ever buy anything from him anyway.”

Now that’s what the great sales trainer Dale Carnegie would call “how to win friends and influence people”! Right?

Here’s the thing though, I suggest the people who are aren’t buying from him, aren’t going to buy anything from him…not because they are super sensitive, but rather because he shows with every word and action that he couldn’t care less about them. Oh, he gives lip service to how much he cares about his list of loyal buyers and treats them like gold, but that’s all it is…lip service.

He says his list is 10x more responsive than others with much larger lists because he gleefully clears out what he considers dead weight by offending people. According to him, that makes way for more new subscribers.

His two pieces of advice to those on his list are 1) be yourself, and if that means offending people to get them off your list, then by all means do it since you’ll be rid of those who wont buy from you anyway, and 2) “beat your list to death with offer after offer” in every email, but make sure they are high value offers (oh, I do agree with the high value part, just not the beat them to death with the “offer after offer part”.)

I’ll concede to him that it’s a fact that if you are paying to maintain a mailing list, you don’t want it populated with non buyers, but you’ll never know if they’ll be a buyer or not if you run them off  your list in your first half-dozen emails by telling them to “get off your list” or “you suck”. Which leaves one wondering, just how in the world did he ever entice anyone onto his list in the first place? I’m going to guess not by telling them “you suck” or “get off my list.” I know I sure never signed onto any such optin.

As I recall, I joined his list based on an interesting sounding piece of software that caught my attention. The “freebie” PLR product he gave me as an incentive to join his list was anything but true value, but I stayed on his list for a short time nonetheless. However, it didn’t take him long to start blasting me with one offer after another, as he encourages others to do…which by itself did not cause me to unsubscribe. No, that decision was based entirely upon the forthcoming email I’ve included below.

There’s no doubt about it, I have unsubscribed from many lists over the past couple years, simply because they either spammed me to death with offers as he advises, or because they just never offered anything that I needed or wanted.  What he and others who’ve abused my email over time fail to understand is that: An offer is only valuable if the prospect needs or wants it, not just because it’s a good product, and definitely not because you want to make some money by selling it.

Heck, there are many very good products that are being offered to me by reputable affiliates every day that I’ll never buy, not because I’m not a buyer,  or not that those products aren’t valuable to anyone, but because they have no real value to me since I don’t need them at that moment.

I do however, buy lot’s of internet marketing products for various reasons, and this particular marketer might have one day sold me something too. But, unfortunately for him, I am like the majority of people on the planet, I want to be treated with some respect. And receiving an email titled “GET OFF MY LIST!”, or that if I’m offended with his rude and foul behavior he wants rid of me, is not what I call respect.

As long as this fool and others like him are willing to have an email list that resembles a revolving door rather than a growing vibrant community of buyers willing to recommend his products to friends, relatives and acquaintences, more power to him, but eventually he’s going to fail big time.

While I won’t name him publicly, others in the IM business have already pointed out his lack of character in several public venues, which will probably sooner than later catch up to him in a very big way.

If you offer a variety of useful products and you are marketing to internet marketers as he is, many of those on your list will be advanced marketers themselves, and they will probably have no need of the products you decide to offer. That doesn’t mean you wont eventually be offering something they’ll need or want.

Some of those on his list (and likely most of them) are newbies and may buy something immediately and never buy anything else again. And some may be newbies with limited resources who might some day buy something but just can’t afford it at the moment.

Without a crystal ball, you have no idea who will or who won’t buy from you, or when they will or won’t. But screaming “Get Off My List!” isn’t the way to win their hearts or pocketbooks, but it’s a surefire way to get anyone with an ounce of self respect to hit that unsubscribe button as fast as they can find it.

So don’t be an idiot like him, what I’m saying is, simply treat your potential customers with respect and if you offer something they need and want at the moment they need it or want it they’ll buy. Just don’t treat them as this moron treats potential customers: as a swinging door of new potentials who he somehow believes are going to “dig his style, and “have his back and buy over and over again” just because that’s “who he is”.

Alright, without further adieu, here’s without a doubt one of the two worst marketing emails I’ve ever received (incidentally, the other was his too). I kid you not.  And I hope you never send one like this to any of your list…

Be warned…copy this idiot’s advice and see where it gets you…

Class is in session: Sit up- Shout (sic) up and read every word..
I’m going to teach you one of the main reasons I have such an active list and why my list can out perform other Internet Marketers that have 10x my list size. If you pay close attention and embrace this message your business will be blessed.. Don’t believe me- keep reading..
“So (name withheld) how do you out perform other Internet Marketer’s that have 10x your list size?”

It’s my relationship with my list – They trust me more..

“Yea no (bleep) (name withheld)!?!”- “Can you elaborate a little?”

Every month I have new leads that pour into my customer database- the number is in the 1,000’s. These are all types of people- brand spanking newbie’s, jaded Internet Marketers, struggling Internet Marketers, intermediate to advanced Internet Marketer’s and the list goes on.. happy people, sad people, angry people.. I think you get my point.

Now here’s the super cool part about my business..

I get to pick and choose who I want to stay on my list. I get to choose who I help by adding value, I get to choose who I sell my information to- I have full control and let me tell you, it rocks! This is the type of control I dreamed about and thought wasn’t possible when I was busting my ass in my 9-5 job.
“Ok I get it (namewithheld).. but how do you do that?”

It’s really easy – Be yourself- Be real- and give a (bleep)!

First thing you need to get through your head right away is that regardless of how awesome you are, how smart you are, how much value you will never ever please everybody- In fact there will be people on your list that just hate you- can’t stand you- think your a total worthless piece of (bleep).. that curse you to hell and back when you send an email.

Ask any successful Internet Marketer who’s been building a list for any considerable amount of time and they will totally agree. For example my good buddy and mentor- Frank Kern- everyone loves him right? I mean he’s the highest paid Internet marketing consultant in the world so everyone on his list must worship him right?- Answer: (bleep) NO!!!

There are people on Frank’s list that can’t stand him(well were on his list)- I know this to be true because in his latest “book” he talks about it. Now obviously a large percentage totally love him which is why he’s the highest paid Internet Marketer-

So what does that example tell you..

Well it’s re-confirms my earlier statement.. let me reiterate for you “First thing you need to get through your head right away is that regardless of how awesome you are, how smart you are, how much value you will never ever please everybody- In fact there will be people on you list that just hate you- can’t stand you- think your a total worthless piece of (bleep).. that like curse you to hell and back when you send an email..”
So now that we know this to be true and once you accept this fact you will be well on your way to creating a super active list that loves you- that has your back when (bleep) hits the fan and will buy from you over and over and over again for the rest of time.

 Sounds pretty cool right?

So now I’m going to break this down into a framework that will help you easily grasp the simple strategy to keeping a highly active list.

I call it “My Simple Strategies To Keeping A Highly Active List” – man Im so creative:)

Step 1. Be yourself- Be real.. You know you can’t please everyone so don’t try to. If people unsubscribe from your list- GOOD!! That is a blessing- it means that they don’t dig your style or just aren’t ready for you yet.. I mean these people won’t buy from you anyway and will just suck all your energy so you want them off your list.

When people unsubscribe from my list I’m totally stoked because I know I just made room for new people who dig my style and like me for who I am. Plus I know that most of those people that unsubscribe, a small percentage of them will come back on my list-when the time is right- I see it all the time because people go through (bleep) and maybe I caught them in a mad mood or something- who knows and I really don’t give a (bleep).

Step 2. Promote to your list- A lot! Listen you became an Internet Marketer to make serious cash right? So email cool stuff for your list to buy and do it often- (bleep) do it everyday if you want. Remember that you will have many types of people on your list. Many will unsubscribe- Great! they won’t buy from you anyway, many won’t buy but will study your marketing, and many will buy everything you recommend.
Now I’m making a strong point here and if you promote everyday be prepared for many unsubscribes but you will make a lot of money especially if you pick the right offers..and if you throw some free training and add value on some of the days that will make people on your list like you even better- I mean the whole point of this email is to teach you how to build an active list- not a beat up list
Here’s a nice email plan that has worked great for me and I follow it often. Email 5x a week.. Monday-Thursday and then on Sunday(1pm est )- In my split testing Friday and Saturday get the worst open rates and the most unsubscribes..
Do 2 awesome free trainings on whatever you want and 3 awesome email promotions usually in the form of a campaign. Now I don’t always follow this plan but if you have no idea where to start this should work good for you or at least a good starting point.
Not everyone will agree with that plan and frankly I don’t give a (bleep) It’s my business not theirs.. and this is what works for me
Step 3. Purposely get people off your list that you know won’t buy from you, that will suck your energy and won’t like you for who you are..for example with me- I tell it like it is and sometimes that hurts people’s feelings- I curse a lot and that offends people who don’t. I like grey hat and black hat marketing stuff and I like to teach that too and I know many people don’t feel comfortable with that..

So what do I do.. I purposely throw this at my list because this is who I am- I mean I’m a marketer with integrity and I care about my list but I am who I am. I curse like a sailor, I’m loud, I wear my heart on my sleeve and if someone on my list freaks out about who I am then I want them off my list because it’s not a good fit for either of us. Time will be wasted and time is money on both ends..

A good example of this strategy is yesterday’s email I sent out- If you haven’t checked it out- go do it because I spent 2 hours writing that damn email and I poured my heart out and I think a lot of you will get some awesome value from it- I know this because may of you told yesterday how awesome it was- but there were many and I mean many that hated it- didn’t even read it because I put “You Suck!” as my email subject line-On purpose, because I want the easily offended- off my list because most likely they won’t like my style because my marketing and the way I teach at times is totally “in your face” and I’m creative(well that’s what I call it). It’s really funny as hell when people on my list get so mad at my subject lines.

They get so mad I “tricked” them into opening my email. LOL (shrugs) my open rates are sometimes over 30%- How bout them apples! “

oh that’s not cool marketing (name withheld) and I don’t like it”-

my response: “Uh, oops get off my list:)” – I always make sure I put the smiley face after that to really (double bleep) with them.. ok back on track I do stuff like this every month because every month I get new people on my list who maybe have never heard of me before or maybe they don’t really know me or my marketing style. This ensures me that the ones who are easily offended take a hike and I know the ones that stay on my list don’t mind it and maybe even appreciate my candor.

I mean this email alone I’ve cursed like 20 times purposely because I know many of you will be like- “Ugh this is soooo unprofessional!” – Yea no (bleep) Sherlock, I’m an entrepreneur baby and this is my business! I know I have what it takes to change lives in my business because I already have and do it everyday- I have helped 1,000’s of Internet Marketers like you have their big breakthroughs with their online business- I’m the (bleep) and I know it and my loyal subscribers know it and they have my back for life just like I have their back for life and will make sure I serve them and put them first before anything- That’s real talk and brings me to my next step..
Step whatever I lost count: Serve your list(customers)- I mean you need to put them first before yourself- I’m talking the ones that stay on your list and dig your style and love you and buy from you. You need to treat them like GOLD because they are your business!! make sense? Forget the weak, easily offended (bleep) and totally concentrate on your loyal subscribers..

Most importantly make them money!! F(bleep) your JV’s- they can get in the back of the line. You put your customers first- you make your customers money and if you do that you can write your own ticket. That’s a real sustainable business! Not what my friend Jay calls the JV circle (bleep)- that business model sucks and you lose a lot of loyal customers by putting your JV’s first.

So don’t be like “the rest”

You still here??

 Wow- Congrats that means your a real BAM!
That means you really got some value from this very important lesson.
That means you dig my style or at least respect it and maybe you love me!

Awww that’s so sweet I can feel the love- thank you;)

Important to Note:
Everyone is different. So don’t try to be like anyone but yourself(remember step 1) So always be yourself- purposely get people off your list by being yourself but most importantly put your loyal subscribers(who are your customers) first! I mean that if you don’t put them first then you will never reach your max potential in your business. aka make them some money- teach your secrets don’t hold shit back- that sucks and is boring
If your going to beat your list to death with offer after offer- at least make sure their high quality offers(I know their hard to find these days). but if you do that just be prepared for many haters and you better have a lead generation campaign(every week) as that list will go stale quick and you will see your open rates drop big time.

If you make it a point every week to give them something super bad (bleep) that they will love you for then that will be awesome. I’m talking give them the farm and all the damn animals- don’t hold back..take this email for example-this has taken me like 3 hours to write because I have serious A.D.D., type slow as (bleep) and every other sentence I need to do spell check LOL- but truth be told I poured my hear out on this email as I know to my loyal subscribers this will really help you get your mind right about list building and the relationship you build with your list.

This is me putting you first! Serving you because that is why GOD put me on this earth. I could have made this an ebook and sold it and made a lot of money but instead I wanted to give it to you for free because you need this and deserve it!

Ok, I just heard the bell ring so class is out of session. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and Happy Father’s day to those fathers reading this.. I myself am going to spend time with my daughters now:)

Your friend,

-(name withheld)

PS. Imagine your business filled with customers who love you for who you are- who buy from you every time you sell to them. Imagine your business filled with nothing but positive energy and happiness. You will achieve this is you embrace what I’ve laid out for you in my “My Simple Strategies To Keeping A Highly Active List””

Okay, that’s how not to sell online. Now >>>>  Learn How To Sell Online.



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