Making Money Online During A Recession

Here’s an excerpt from an email I received a short while ago from an Internet Marketer that I fully respect, (I’m not going to mention his name or the names of the individual marketers he mentions in the email) which hits the nail on the head when it comes to what’s wrong with the Internet Marketing Niche of late.
I’ve blanked out the guru names within the email this time to prevent legal entanglements, but I think this email will strike a nerve with frustrated Internet Marketing hopefuls who may happen across this post.

Of course the email does go on to present some bonuses to a couple of other affiliate products that this super affiliate recommends, as would be expected. I have no issue with sales promotions from email marketers like this particular email. In fact, he doesn’t over hype anything at all. Just a good informative sales letter with some good bonuses being offered if you buy the two alternate products he’s recommending from his links.

Here’s what the Super Affiliate had to say in the email:

“My last promotion… well it sorta BOMBED.
For those of you who think all of the “gurus” get rich easily, especially off of all those high ticket launches, I think this should put things into perspective:

The recent launch that I promoted for ———-, simply because I know his stuff is good, and I’ve personally used it, has netted me a grand total of…TWO sales so far.

Weirdly enough, 2 sales puts me into the top 10 affiliates! (as of this writing) LOL. Some very big marketers only have 1 or 2 sales, even with lists with hundreds of thousands of people on them!

At least I know those 2 people are getting a great system that has already worked for me…But it used to be, when you send thousands of leads to a big ticket launch, you’re looking at a fat payday. But I guess this is a sign of the times.

It seems like high ticket items just don’t sell very well anymore. And I thought for sure this launch would do well above others, because it seems much more realistic to create simple software and sell it for profit.

And again, I’ve actually done it myself! I also recently read that during ———-‘s last launch, a few weeks ago, the #1 affiliate had 19 sales. I think —- publicly announced it. (I may be slightly off)

Am I the only one who is shocked by these numbers?

I don’t say this to put anyone down. In fact, I believe —-‘s product is really high quality, and the presentation was good as well. But the fact is, people are sick of $2,000+ products… at least a lot more than they’ve been in the past. I’ve seen it first-hand.

You may hear about $5-$10 million dollar launches every now and then… but without naming names, let’s just say that many times those numbers aren’t exactly true (or even remotely close).

But some people have reputations to uphold. And when you add-in a 40-50% refund rate (common on high ticket stuff), as well as paying out hefty affiliate commissions… Yowza!

Not much left over!

So, let’s be honest… you guys obviously don’t want to pay $1k or $2k or more for IM products.

And I get that.

I hear you loud and clear.

If this keeps up, its going to force sellers to work harder to provide more value, at lower prices. And that’s good for everyone.

Who woulda thought?!”

The point I want to make is that we can learn a few things from this email if we want to make money online. Actually, there are four things we can learn…
1. Times are tougher now than they were 5 to 10 years ago. People are turning to the internet to find ways to earn a living from home…many are unemployed, some employed but barely making enough money to survive and just looking to supplement their incomes.

Discretionary spending is down everywhere. Marketing to the newest group of hopefuls with less money to invest, using the same old tactics isn’t going to work any more like it did a few years ago. And the people who’ve paid those kind of dollars for products in the past have either learned through the school of hard knocks not to spend that kind of money again, or they actually did learn how to make money from their previous purchase and don’t need another expensive system to learn how to make money online.

So…take away #1: You probably aren’t going to get rich creating or selling expensive IM how to products any more, as this super affiliate so aptly pointed out. In fact, I dare say, it’s getting harder to even sell $97 products to anyone (at least harder to sell to them more than once).

2. The Gurus and many super affiliates as well, more often than not, make up numbers to impress newbies into buying over hyped products. Not only do they make up fake launch numbers, but as we have all learned over and over again…the hard way, they make fake proof of sales pages nearly 90% of the time. The proofs they offer, even if factual launch numbers, are never based on earnings acquired from using the products they are launching, but are 99% likely to simply be sales from their previous product launches.

So…take away #2: Don’t offer fake proofs and don’t over hype what you’re selling. If you don’t have any proofs to offer, don’t make them up and don’t offer any. I’d rather buy from a sales letter with no proofs of earnings, than buy from a site that lies throught it’s teeth. Instead… offer an iron clad money back gurantee that if your product isn’t going to help your customer then you’ll give their money back without question (and don’t run folks through the ringer when they want a refund).

3. IM hopefuls are becoming far more skeptical of IM products regardless of price, as a result of weekly JV launches of one over hyped, rehashed piece of crap product after another. It makes no difference what price point the product has, we’ve simply gotten tired of being ripped off, but more importantly, we aren’t going to shell out thousands of dollars for crap any more.

So…take away #3: Deliver a product that actually works and can be duplicated by anyone using your product, even if it is rehash, just make sure it works. And for heaven’s sake, knock off the deceptive practice of forcing customers to buy an upsell to make the product work. If it’s any good, you’ll make profit from it, especially if it’s affordable. If it’s more rehashed crap with an expensive upsell required to make it work you’ll just make a bad name for yourself. Marketers like me are starting to name names when it comes to being ripped off (rip me off and you’ll find your product and name boldly announced on this site).

4. Refund rates are extremely high with these overhyped, underdelivered Pile Of S#$% products (40-50% refund rate). As our super affiliate says in the above email, these numbers are “common on high ticket stuff”, but I’ll go a step further and say that these numbers are becoming more and more common on products of any price due to overhyped, underdelivered product launches. This super affiliate believes people don’t want to pay $1k or $2k or more for IM products, but internet marketing hopefuls are actually tired of paying even $17 for the crap that’s being launched every single week.

So…take away #4: Pay attention to take aways 1-3.


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