Words of encouragement

Words of encouragement to anyone considering quitting.


Something both amazing and terrifying at the same time has recently happened to me, that I’d like to share with you if you’re feeling like you’re getting nowhere with your dreams of success.  What I hope to gain from this post is not sympathy, but rather a sense of discovery that directly relates to what has probably been keeping me back from achieving the online success that I, like you, have been dreaming about for quite some time.

It may seem like I’m crying or feeling sorry for myself , and I could very easily have started doing just that because of the way things have been unfolding lately. But I’m not. What I am going to relate to you has purpose that I hope can help you if things are going wrong for you like they’ve been for me.

That being said, let me first share the “rags” part of the “rags to riches” story with you.

I’ve just been liberated from a job I held for 5 years, that I both loved and hated at the same time. I say that with a bit of tongue in cheek, because what I really mean is that I’ve just been fired. And there’s both good and bad news in that fact.

While I hate the way the company I was working for chose to deal with me, and the way they are going after me unfairly and with a vengeance, I am simultaneously, equally thankful and upset with this transaction. Yes, you read that right. I am being unfairly fired and I’m starting to be happy about it.

For a few days I considered getting an attorney to fight it, but something happened that has changed my mind and is going to allow me to not only get over it, but actually move forward and benefit from it in ways that I could not have done by remaining a slave to that employer. So in the long run I now see being fired as perhaps a true blessing in disguise.

Let me start the sob part of the story from the beginning so you might have an appreciation for the message that awaits you should you find yourself in similar circumstances. Then I’ll finish up with the hidden gem at the end.

I’ve suffered from a severe neck injury since 1992 from a car running me off the road while doing my daily bicycle ride, which has caused severe degenerative Osteo-Arthritis to the right side of my neck.  All the vertebrae from C1 to C6 are slowly chipping and breaking apart resulting in severe pain every day of my life. Some days more so than others.

As a result, it has gotten so bad over the years, that I started missing work at a fairly rapid and alarming rate about 3 years ago. I quickly found myself close to losing my job at that time. In an effort to keep me from being fired, a caring assistant manager encouraged me to apply for FMLA, which is a protected Federal program called Family Medical Leave of Absence, designed to keep employers from firing you if you have a debilitating, chronic or acute medical condition.

Now, from the beginning, management was more or less tolerant of my absences when I’d call in using my FMLA. But as time went on, they became increasingly more intolerant. The harassment from management became incrementally more intense over time. So much so that eventually it led them to find a way around my protected status, and they manufactured a means to fire me.

To make a long story short, while I feel extremely wronged and violated, I also understand their need to do what companies are in business to do, which is to make a profit. My absences definitely were affecting their profits. I fully accept that, and as a consequence, completely understand their decision to get rid of me, while I detest their dishonesty and disengenuous tactic in achieving their goal.

That being said, the terrifying part for me is having no job, no savings, lot’s of bills, no credit cards, and an internet business (while making some money) that comes no where near being profitable enough to support my family and self, leaves me very concerned and a bit frightened about the future.

So where’s the gem in all of this you might be asking? I’ll get to that in a just a moment, just one more thought to contribute before I do.

Well, the past three years have become a downward spiral for both me and for my ex-employer.  The more time I missed the more aggravated they became. The more aggravated they became, the more stressed out I became. The more stressed out I became, the more unfocused I became. The more unfocused I became, the more of a built in excuse they found for dismissing me. I started hating my employer and my job, and as it turns out, the feeling obviously became mutual. Certainly, not a good combination.

The truth is however, if they hadn’t found a sneaky (albeit) completely fabricated way to be rid of me, I might have stayed for several more years at a job that had become a living hell. So I think they actually did me a favor in a round about way, even if they are only looking after their own profit motive and could care less about me as a human being.

The problem was, and it’s probably an excuse I used to justify that I wasn’t earning what I thought I should be earning, that the hours I worked left me little time to actually work on my internet business.  So the income I was generating from a part time IM business was far from satisfactory or life changing. And while I have no savings account to tide me over, and no unemployment benefits due to the nasty way my ex-employer chose to dismiss me. It seems I was smart enough at the beginning of my employment to start putting some of my income into a 401k, and while it isn’t huge, it is (even after heavy penalties for early distribution) enough to carry me through for a while if I am both frugal and motivated enough to do what must be done.

Which now brings me to the gem …

I now have at least 6 months to devote full time to this thing called internet marketing. And I intend to use that time to do all that I’ve learned about IM over the past 3 years to grow this business into something I can truly be proud of and free from the slavery of working for a paycheck from a company that really didn’t care about me as a person, but rather as a profit and loss expense.

I could easily have allowed myself to wallow in self pity and despair, and might have done so had it not been for an email I got yesterday morning from an Internet Marketer that I completely trust and respect,  Oz from Ant Pugilist
That email contained a link to a very motivational video that I’d like to share right here that might help you like it is helping me to see the light of day and to press forward when you might be thinking about quitting as I was thinking a few days ago.

Here it is, and thank you Oz, from the depths of my soul.


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